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5 Reasons Why Albums Are A Necessity!

Wedding Photo Albums seem to be losing their potency in the modern day and age – and we think that is a terrible waste! There is something so entirely precious about holding a physical copy of your once in a lifetime events in your hand that makes it a feeling not easy to replace. That's right; wedding photo albums are irreplaceable. They belong among the highest things valued when it comes to your family heirloom. No one is going to pass on their Iphone 8 full of digital files. Scrolling through online photos that friends and family took of your special day will just never be the same.

Reason 1 – The Memories!

Who doesn't want to be able to flick through the memories of their big day? Who doesn't want to be able to whip out the photos and show them off to relatives who couldn't make the event? Who doesn't want to look back in fifty years and say, “I fit into that dress once...” and have the photographic evidence to prove it? But on a serious note, there are very few more sophisticated ways of keeping track of your wedding day for all of the years to come.

Reason 2 – Maintain Your Family Values!

With a wedding photo album of your own you are able to promote family values in your own household. You also place more value on your own experience of the big day, and give you and your partner something to look back on together, even when times are tough. A wedding Photo Album provides you with the perfect reason to be deliberately thoughtful in your marriage... and that is something we could all use more of!

Reason 3 – Attention to Detail!

For the woman (or man) who loves distinction and who wants the best – a wedding photo album might just tick some boxes. It makes a thoughtful gift for your new life partner, or an affluent present for any VIP's that couldn't attend despite wanting to. For those who appreciate the full-service experience that a professional photographer can bring to their big day a photo album to commemorate the occasion is a most desirable end result. Again; having a pro take your photographs and arrange them for you will be a much more worthwhile investment in your future memories than letting a well-meaning friend or relative do the job!

Reason 4 – Consultations are simple!

Calling to make a consultation appointment to either have your wedding photographed or to have your existing photographs amalgamated into an album has never been easier than it is now. Gone are the days of having to hunt down a good photographer and then laboriously flicking through their portfolio to guess their worth. Nowadays a quick glance over an online portfolio is all you need to prove your photographer has got what it takes. Reason 5 – Customization Wedding Photo Albums aren't just one size fits all nowadays. In fact, when you buy from Jenfolio you can expect to be in full control of the details. Handmade to order; our timeless bespoke luxury wedding albums are crafted only from the finest of material. They are made to last a lifetime and to represent the pinnacle of go on, treat yourself! At Jenfolio we seek to provide high quality, individually unique products to help you to cherish the memories of your special day.

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