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What do you do?

"I'm the one." -says my husband when he knew he wanted to marry me. He told me where he stood and let me make the move. I approach photography the same way. If you haven't had a good photo of yourself, it's because you haven't met the right photographer yet. I'm the one. I'm a image maker with thousands of hours of practice. A bachelors degree in Fine ARTS that actually took longer because I wanted to get it right.
I still study photos everyday. I'm the one that will give you an image you love.

How do I book a session?

Call me! I see you and I want to hear your story. 801.499.7732

Why should I book with you?

I take image making very seriously. After my boyfriend of ten years suddenly passed away, I was scheduled to shoot a wedding the next day.The client did not find out until later what I was dealing with on that day, but to be honest, it was such a blessing to thrust my heart and mind into another's love story. My drive that day to immortalize those moments for that couple. That memory of mourning still drive me today. I know "my boyfriend in heaven" (as my husband calls him) would be so proud of the accolades I've achieved since then. To be present and in the moment yet willing to ever so slightly choreograph a shot, is a skill I have worked decades to achieve. It's all of me, my life, my memories, my grief, living my best life for each and every client.