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Meet Jen

Meet Jen

I walk into an Anthropologie store and the weight of my worries are immediately lifted from my shoulders. It smells romantic and my visual senses are stimulated. I spot a chunky wooden authentic hand crafted coffee table imported from Indonesia. I wonder what those hands look like, the hands that built this piece. I wish I could photograph them. The artist I imagine is a strong woman and she supports her family with this passion.....

Although Kentucky is not as exotic (maybe to some) as her homeland, we have something that

binds us together. This is art. We support our families with our passion.

This passion is born out of the connection of creating something that didn't exist before.

I, for lack of a better word, fantasize what my photos will look like

before I even pick up my camera.

I have been like this my entire life.

I want the spiritual and physical world to become one in everyday things

and I believe photography does that for me.

Obsessed with this principle of living, I studied letterpress in college.

Everything had to be created in my mind first, and then the mock up was made

and then the test run was ran and then the real print was set and the

process of creation is only completed by all that came before it.

Love stories are the same way.

We have to imagine falling in love before it actually happens.

This is also why I love meeting my clients before their sessions to hear all about their beginnings.

I believe in face to face.

I believe in before and afters.

I believe in stories.

Is there anything more important than our stories? Nope.

My photography and business is a culmination of decades of stories made by real life experiences/moments/seconds of my clients lives.

I credit them for the trust and love they've given me.

As your photographer, if it matters to you? It matters to me.

Jenny Hansen Lane

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I love joyful things and check out Ingrid's message of abundance.